The beautiful Farrell sisters are an unlikely duo of PIs.

Tired of following cheating husbands to no-tell motels, the two catch a case which could either make their bones or get them killed. Maybe both.

To crack it, the sisters must dive deep into a murky demimonde of crooked cops, low-rent thugs and high-class brothels.

In the middle of it all, Jackie falls for hunky homicide cop, Harry Bull. Harry is from an old Savannah family but… might just have a skeleton or two rattling around in his closet.


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“Entertaining debut.”Publishers Weekly “…[a] taut, efficient procedural.…Charlie and his colleagues are a funny, agreeable bunch, and the villains are suitably villainous. It’s a pleasure to watch craftsmen at work, and that describes the author as well as his cops.”—Booklist “Palm Beach Nasty was a quick and enjoyable read….There are hints of Miami Vice, notes of NYPD Blue, heaps of originality, and a sprinkling of humor… This was a great read and I will be eagerly awaiting his next novel.”—Black Dog Speaks
“In a small town, nobody quite knows everything. And secrets might turn out to be more than lies. The atmosphere’s convincing. The characters, rich and poor, strike just the right tone. Charlie Crawford’s past and future tear at his present, and there’s a pleasing good humor that promises depth as well as resolution. Palm Beach Nasty lives up to that deep promise. The atmosphere’s light as well as dark, and deep memories bubble to the surface rather than dragging the reader down. It is a thoroughly good read, a literary mystery that’s more than the sum of its parts.”—Sheila’s Reviews