“…readers who enjoyed the previous two installments [of the Palm Beach series] will welcome the return of Charlie Crawford, still cynically charming and dashing.” – Kirkus

Knight Mulcahy gets paid 50 million dollars a year to insult people on his number one-rated radio show. But it looks like he’s gone too far when his body turns up with his boxers down around his ankles and a slug in his heart. Enter Palm Beaches finest—homicide detectives Charlie Crawford and Mort Ott—who proceed to go around in circles as the line-up of suspects gets as long as a Palm Beach limo.

Then just as Crawford and Ott start to get traction, the nephew of a sketchy Saudi billionaire is assassinated. ISIS connection… the next 9/11… it’s up to Crawford and Ott to find out fast, as it’s clear something deadly is about to go down.